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A successful, growing company bears responsibility. Towards customers and partners, your own employees and society. Bb-net media GmbH supports refugees in the region in order to actively integrate them through internships and employment and to integrate them into the world of work.

The company has been working closely with the bfz Schweinfurt and Kolping Mainfranken since the beginning of 2016 and enables refugees to get to know the German training and employment system in order to better integrate themselves into everyday work.

Since the beginning of 2018, the IT processor from Schweinfurt has also been a member of the “Companies integrate refugees” network of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, or DIHK for short. This is actively represented by a total of 1661 companies and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The network supports companies of all sizes, sectors and regions that employ refugees or want to do voluntary work.

"The cooperation partners, vocational school center Alfons Goppel and the bfz Schweinfurt have a common, important task [...] which would be impossible without the great support of modern, open-minded internship companies like bb-net," explains social worker Galina Hammer from the bfz Schweinfurt.

To date, 8 immigrants from various agencies have been employed by bb-net for several months. They were used in the areas of manufacturing, logistics and technology. Initial language barriers were overcome and gradually dismantled through common, daily work practice. Due to technical knowledge and skills, as well as the high willingness to learn, the migrants were able to work completely independently after intensive training.

“During the internship at bb-net, our students get to know the entire spectrum of professional skills. The acquired basic knowledge strengthens the personality and awakens the openness for new learning impulses in young refugees. I can name my student Omar M. as a good example. In connection with practical activities, Omar has expanded his job-related language skills and is currently training to become an electronics technician, ”said Hammer.

Khaled Benmoumene and Jwan Majid from Kolping Mainfranken are currently supporting the bb-net team in the technical preparation. The two young men come from Syria and have been in Germany since the end of 2015. Both are long-term interns at bb-net for 6 months.

Michael Bleicher, managing director of bb-net explains: “In addition to the work itself, of course other aspects also play an important role that one has to think about when integrating seriously. Religious and cultural differences are to be understood and supported in some areas. In our company we have created the possibility that you can, for example, perform your prayers based on your religious beliefs. "

The immigrants are fully integrated into the bb-net team and can socialize during breaks and at events outside of working hours.

“One of the great strengths of our company is the openness to new things, both in terms of ideas, employees and mentalities. That is why everyone is welcome at bb-net, regardless of their origin or past. In most cases, we take just as much positive experience with us as the immigrant, ”says Bleicher.

Based on the experience gained, the traditional Schweinfurt company can only advise every entrepreneur to take responsibility and actively face the challenges for Germany. Worth it.

Further information for those interested can be found on the network's website at:

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