bb-net Green IT Box: IT utilization as a service

Electronic waste that can be given for recycling
ICT Channel | Lars Bube
With the »Green-IT Box« the Refurbisher bb-net offers smaller companies a rental solution for the complete recycling process of decommissioned IT hardware, from storage and deletion to recycling through resale or disposal.

In most companies and government agencies, the attention paid to IT equipment decreases over the course of its life cycle. While procurement is still a clearly regulated and well-considered process, there is usually not much left of it in the end. The safekeeping and recycling of their old devices is an unpopular annoyance for most of those responsible. After all, it means some effort to sort out the assets according to criteria such as function, residual value or data protection requirements, in order to then safely delete, store and recycle them. Many smaller companies in particular cannot or do not want to afford this expense. But that can quickly become dangerous. Again and again, old hard drives from company computers turn up in electronic waste intended for households and publicly accessible at recycling centers and reveal sensitive databases. This problem has only worsened with the Covid pandemic. New mobile devices are bought, the old ones stay on the desks for the time being or move to the warehouse. In order to relieve those affected from this laborious process, the goes Refurbisher bb-net is now taking an unusual approach: disposal as a subscription.

With immediate effect, companies can get the "Schweinfurters" or their partners for 19.99 euros per month.Green IT box" rent. The centerpiece is a 120 x 80 x 79 cm (L x W x H) large, lockable special box in which discarded and defective IT equipment such as laptops, monitors, servers, storage systems, printers, smartphones, tablets as well as accessories and storage media is easy and stored unpacked. The box can be easily transported by lift truck or forklift, is shockproof and has security features such as its own locks and integrated GPS tracking to prevent data and device theft. If necessary, the Refurbisher remove the box and recycle the equipment it contains. If some devices or parts of them can be reprocessed for further marketing, the customers will automatically receive a credit according to market prices. In addition to delivery and collection, the rental price already includes all other services such as data deletion with individual proof and ADV contract, the destruction of data carriers according to DIN 66399-2, the disposal of individual devices and reporting based on serial numbers.

In this way, companies can easily and easily set up a process for legally compliant and at the same time environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of their old devices. At the same time, this has the advantage that more devices can be obtained for reprocessing and resale, thus avoiding unnecessary electronic waste.

The specialist trade and system house partners of bb-net and tecXL can also use the box to collect the devices they have accumulated in it, or offer it directly to their customers as a service.


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