Entitlement to digital devices for homeschooling

Homeschooling Digitization HartzIV
Parents are responsible for their children. Does this mean that children also have to be liable for their parents? The topic of digitization and homeschooling is on everyone's lips across Germany. According to current assessments, easing, especially in the school sector, is far from in sight. For parents, teachers and students this means: home lessons instead of a school desk and playground.

But what should be done if children cannot fall back on technical devices such as PCs or notebooks due to the financial situation of their own family? For many nowadays hardly imaginable and yet a reality: according to a study by the Institute of German Economy, only just under 28 percent of all twelve-year-old students have their own PC. In the case of children from socially disadvantaged families, the proportion is only 15 percent. Educational equity must not be a question of the family wallet. Every child has the right to an education. The job center has now also been made aware of this through various court rulings and a ruling has asked children whose parents receive Hartz IV to provide up to € 300 for the technical equipment of their homeschooling workplace.

tecXL devices are the ideal school companion, regardless of age and budget. They are powerful, technically state-of-the-art and, thanks to pre-installed software systems such as Windows 10 or Microsoft Office 365, offer pupils all the freedom they need to work productively and creatively. Entry-level models can be fully financed with the subsidy from the job center and enable children and young people from socially disadvantaged families to receive education at the same level and technical standard as others.

Equipping homeschooling workstations with IT hardware prepared by tecXL also has an important learning effect for the next generation: Reuse instead of throwaway society! Through the use of processed IT, children and young people learn at an early age that new is not always better and what advantages, not just financially, the reuse of devices and products brings. This promotes the concept of sustainability and has a long-term positive effect on our environment.


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