The Greens on an innovation tour


Ludwig Hartmann and Holger Laschka as guests in the technology center of the IT processor in Schweinfurt.

Green visit to bb-net media GmbH in Schweinfurt Main Valley. In July last year, the Schweinfurt mayoral candidate of the Greens, Holger Laschka, visited the Technology Center in Schweinfurt. Convinced of the company's sustainable and resource-saving business concept, he invited Ludwig Hartmann, chairman of the Bavarian Green Group, to get an impression of the company. As part of the closed conference of the Greens in Würzburg, Hartmann used the opportunity to get to know innovative and sustainable companies in the Lower Franconia region.

Breathe new life into used IT through technical and optical processing - that's what bb-net media GmbH is all about. "How exactly does it work, the revitalization of devices?" The group chairman asked with great interest. Managing director Michael Bleicher led step by step through the individual processes that a device goes through in order to then begin the second life cycle under the brand name tecXL - technology like new in an orange box.

“We manufacture several thousand tecXL devices every month. You can clearly see that more and more people are rethinking. It doesn't always have to be brand new. Reconditioned devices with the tecXL seal are in no way inferior to new devices ”, continued Bleicher and addressed an important point.

Such a rethinking should also take place in the case of public tenders from authorities. Used IT can be used ideally in public areas such as city administrations and schools.

There was also a detailed discussion of approaches to data recognition and destruction of old devices. Bleicher criticized the often very lax handling of companies and service providers with regard to data destruction. In this area bb-net is a pioneer throughout Germany thanks to its own extremely highly developed software.

"Getting rid of old devices must be just as easy as buying new ones," demands Green politician Bettina Hoffmann. Hartmann also used the opportunity of his visit to exchange ideas about his party's current legislative proposal "Electronic waste - close recycling cycles". Michael Bleicher also welcomed this and was able to point out some general weaknesses in the legislation. In order to further advance this topic in Germany, Hartmann and Bleicher agreed to keep in touch.

Via bb-net media and tecXL

bb-net has been a partner for the purchase of used IT and its quality-oriented processing and marketing for more than 20 years. Refurbished devices that meet strict quality requirements are brought back onto the market under the “tecXL - technology like new” brand. The end customer receives a completely tested, refurbished product for a price up to 70 percent below the previous new price. The device is pre-installed with Windows 10 and is therefore ready to go. The tecXL devices can be used immediately without further installation or preparation. There is a 24-month guarantee for every tecXL system. and


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