Environmental protection begins with education!

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"Our contribution to climate protection consists of more than just processed hardware." (Michael Bleicher, Managing Director bb-net media GmbH)

The climate crisis is acute - the climate package is not sufficient. We have long felt the consequences of our actions. We emit more carbon dioxide than forests and oceans can absorb. We fish faster than the stocks can recover and we cut more trees than grow back. Each of us can and should do something about climate change. Small changes in consumption and everyday life are often enoughvreceive. For example, buying a well-prepared laptop reduces CO in the second life cycle2 pushed out and it will be clear Raw materials saved. 

The specialist for processed IT products is aware of the responsibility and act accordingly. So effect the Schweinfurt company in addition to its main task, which is already sustainable, environmentconscious measures implemented: Es became one Flower sponsorship completed, in production one developed new processes for Power saving and switched to Bio adhesive tape, and there were new bicycle parking spaces for employees geschaffen. Many more measures like 100% green electricity or only ecologically harmless cleaning agents, consumables and packaging materials, UTZ certified coffee and strict waste separation sind für bb-net for years Of course. By 2025 the company will all packaging on 95% recyclable material and reduce print pages to a maximum of 1.500 A4 pages - Managing Director Michael Bleicher has this promise auch bei the initiative "Contractors The Future" this year abgegeben. But that is them steadily growingn Company not enough. 

There is no climate without education

That climate protection is closely related to education is Michael Bleicher very conscious. This is how bb-net recently started providing support the club Labdoo. Labdoo collects used Computers, tablets and Laptops, puts them - if needed - and supplies schools all over the world. The Schweinfurt hardware Refurbisher donated in September einige Tablets and laptops. Marco Kuhn, Sales and Marketing Manager handed over the donations personally an the first chairman of the association, Ralph Hamm. How important education is for the climate shouldn't be außer Be careful. Everyone can help here too - whether as Flight sponsor or by used IT donations.

Shared climate protection is double climate protection  

Climate protection can actually be done in integrate all aspects of everyday life. Je more people participatethe easier and better we help our environment. Start instead of procrastinating is the motto. bb-net will continue to develop new ideas in the future and Measures worken, to climate change to vslow down. 

Via bb-net media and tecXL 

bb-net has been a partner for the purchase of used IT and its quality-oriented processing and remarketing for more than 20 years. Refurbished devices that meet strict quality requirements are sold under the “tecXL – Technik like new” brandchen, put back on the market. The end customer receives a completely tested, refurbished product for a price up to 70 percent below the previous new price. The device is pre-installed with Windows 10 and is therefore ready to go. The tecXL devices can be used immediately without further installation or preparation. There is a 12 month warranty for every tecXL system. www.ankauf.bb-net.de and www.tecxl.de 


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