Green-IT Box: Dispose of hardware safely and profitably

Green IT Box: data secure, sustainable and profitable. It is now even easier for companies to part with decommissioned IT hardware.

The pandemic is putting the whole country to a severe test and shaking economic planning security. The resulting wave of digitization is forcing companies to digitize processes at the speed of sound and create a large number of home office jobs. In order to enable both, a high capital expenditure for IT systems and IT hardware is inevitable.

Due to delivery bottlenecks in the area of ​​new goods and for cost reasons, companies resorted more to refurbished devices in the past year. In our society, “processed” is often associated with “used” - but used and refurbished IT have only one thing in common: they were already in use - nothing more.

The difference is in the processing. Before the start of their second life cycle, refurbished IT devices are thoroughly checked, data is deleted, cleaned and upgraded. Only devices that pass the process are considered refurbished.

After procuring new or refurbished devices, the question automatically arises: "What happens to the decommissioned IT?" Every fourth company in Germany invests more than € 100.000,00 per year in the disposal and destruction of their technology goods. A cost that can be drastically reduced.

Handing over old devices to waste disposal companies is easy for companies to implement, but not an environmentally friendly process. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN coalition against electronic waste, around 50 million tons of e-waste are produced every year. This corresponds to the total weight of all commercial aircraft built to date. By carelessly handling old devices, companies encourage growth.

This behavior needs to be changed. After a useful life of three to five years, business IT in particular is far from being scrapped. It is mature enough to extend its use.

Many companies are fundamentally open to changing the way they deal with corporate IT in the long term, but fear additional costs. In order to make the environmentally friendly handling for companies smoothly, IT preparer bb-net offers the so-called Green-IT Box.

The Green-IT Box is a mobile collection point for decommissioned company IT. For a monthly rental fee, the company stores laptops, PCs and the like in a space-saving manner until it arranges for them to be returned if necessary. The box and its contents are secured by the security lock and integrated GPS tracking.

The transferred hardware is data deleted and defective data carriers destroyed in the bb-net technology center. All devices are then assessed according to fair market prices and on a single item basis. The company receives individual records and reports on a serial number basis for the process. Payment will be made within a few working days.

All services, from delivery and collection, data deletion and destruction to disposal, are included in the rental price. By using the Green-IT Box, companies rent a sustainable way of handling their used IT directly on the company premises. You save money on expensive storage, large amounts of packaging material and take on social responsibility.


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