Green-IT Box gives used hardware a second chance

INTERVIEW I Old IT hardware often accumulates in companies, the sad future of which is mostly electronic junk. The Green-IT Box offers companies the opportunity to use used electronics in a more environmentally friendly way.

March 11.03.2021th, XNUMX I An interview by Dorothea Meyer I Pictures: Unsplash, bb-net media

Old laptops, PC screens, keyboards or mobile phones - IT hardware that rots unused in the basement of companies and sooner or later ends up in the electronic junkyard. There is still a lot of potential in used hardware. Bb-net media has also recognized this and therefore developed the Green-IT Box, which offers companies the opportunity to separate themselves from supposed IT rubbish in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

You can find out more about the Green-IT Box, which companies can use the principle of disposing of used IT hardware and which devices can end up in the box in the interview with Purchasing Manager of bb-net media IT Marketing Niklas Maier.

LifeVERDE: Niklas, who is bb-net and what distinguishes bb-net?

Niklas: bb-net media GmbH was founded around 25 years ago and is a German IT refurbisher. Much has changed in the past few years, but one thing has not: the mission of our company. We have made it our business to enable already manufactured IT devices through high-quality processes and quality standards to enable an extended period of use. Driven by principles such as, Everyday a bit better and it doesn't work, it doesn't exist - we adapt quickly and flexibly to the needs of the market and our customers. With our expertise, our innovative spirit and the necessary courage, we do not shy away from any changes. This is what has made us successful for more than a quarter of a century.

We want to take a closer look at the Green-IT Box. How exactly does it work "simply" explained and what advantages does it bring other companies?

More and more companies want to act in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, but fear an economically unacceptable additional expense. In the age of digitization and home office, IT hardware is more important than ever. According to the motto old out, new in - hardware is exchanged on average every 3-4 years and handed over to waste disposal companies. In most cases, these discarded devices end up directly on the heap of electronic scrap. However, when dealing with used IT, there is enormous potential for companies to act in an environmentally friendly and economical manner.

The Green IT box supports companies in getting rid of used hardware easily, responsibly and in an environmentally conscious manner.

According to the principle: order the box, fill it with decommissioned devices, have the box picked up - you can rent a sustainable process directly on your own company premises, without personnel or high costs. And all of this in just 48 hours.

Your website says “THE SMART SOLUTION FOR SMALL & MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES” - what about the big companies?

Our Green-IT Box is also interesting for large companies. However, these companies usually have much larger quantities of decommissioned devices. We therefore recommend that these customers either rent several boxes in parallel or design individual solutions.

What is the exact process with the Green-IT Box? Do you have to collect some devices first to make the monthly rent worthwhile?

One of the advantages of the box is that there is no minimum number of devices. The companies decide for themselves when and with how many devices they want to return the box; of course, it should not be returned half full. The higher the quality of the devices, the easier it is for the box to pay for itself or to pay for itself in terms of costs.

Which devices are allowed in the box? Are there any exceptions to what materials and hardware shouldn't end up in it?

Everything that can be described as IT can go into the box. For example laptops, monitors, servers, storages, dockings, printers, smartphones, tablets, data carriers and also defective IT. Damaged batteries that leak, for example, are classified as hazardous waste and may not be disposed of by us, so they may not be put in the Green-IT Box.

Data protection is very sensitive and must be treated with care. How secure is the Green-IT Box here? How do you guarantee secure data erasure?

Data protection is and will always be a top priority. Anyone who acts negligently in the handling of data and its protection must expect severe consequences. To ensure the protection of all devices and the data on them during transport, the Green-IT Box is equipped with security locks. Sealing is also possible on request.

Data is erased in our technology center according to the highest erasure standards and by our trained staff. Through certification as a data destruction company, we meet all necessary security guidelines. Our self-developed SAM software, our specialist staff and our data deletion software form the ideal building blocks for a complete and conscientious data deletion and destruction process. After selecting the preferred deletion method, companies receive a serial number-based reporting, which provides them with transparent information about the entire processing process for their devices.

What happens to the data carriers? How is the technology used / recycled?

All devices are checked by our own software for existing data carriers, such as a CD in the drive, which could still contain data. In the next step, it goes over to pure data deletion. With the software of our partner blancco, devices are completely freed from the data so that they or the data carriers can be reused. After successful deletion, the company receives an audit-proof and tamper-proof digital data deletion protocol.

If a data carrier is defective and therefore cannot be erased, our media shredder, certified according to DIN 66399-2, ISO 21964-2, is used. Hard drives, media cards, mobile phones and smartphones etc. are quickly shredded into individual parts as small as a millimeter and all existing data is completely and irretrievably destroyed.

Can you also receive revenue payments by disposing of your own used hardware through the Green-IT Box?

Definitely! The low rental price of the Green-IT Box already includes all the services of the IT purchase process, which is why the chances of additional profits for companies are very good. In addition, we assess the devices handed over to us realistically and according to fair market prices. The higher the quality of the decommissioned devices, the higher the payout amount.

How is completely climate-neutral work guaranteed?

We check and validate our options CO2 emissions to minimize and to continuously optimize our products and our actions. We achieve this through a comprehensive sustainability concept, a large number of environmental projects and the unavoidable ones Carbon footprint offset with climate certificates.

With the help of targeted measures

  • Procurement of green electricity,
  • Use of GoGreen DHL shipping,
  • Use of organic packaging tapes,
  • Changeover to environmentally friendly promotional items
  • Use of LED lighting
  • Electricity from hydropower
  • Reduction of printed pages through the digital signature
  • Discontinuation of print material as advertising and marketing articles
  • Use digital media instead of business trips
  • Use of electric vehicles in the company car fleet

avoid we the CO2 impact and to reduce environmental pollution continues to grow. Only in the last step compensate we unavoidable emissions through trustworthy climate protection certificates.

You've been around for 25 years - what has changed over the years and what are you preparing for in the future?

For the past 25 years, bb-net changed a lot. A big milestone in 2018 was the completion of the first company building in Schweinfurt's Main Valley, the bb-net Technology Center. With the new headquarters, all processes, especially in the production area, have been optimized and brought up to date with the latest technology. This also made it possible to obtain certification as the first German climate-neutral IT refurbisher. Up to date and one step ahead of the times is exactly what bb-net is all about. The wave of digitization that was triggered with the beginning of the pandemic hardly hit bb-net at all. Digital, paperless and technical work in the commercial and industrial sector has been part of our daily doing for years.

In the future, we hope and adjust to a greater sustainability focus in society. Sustainability in the sense of responsible handling of data and resources such as IT hardware. If the full potential of the refurbisher industry is recognized, we are prepared for it through our processes. For the future, we will concentrate on designing more and more services such as the Green-IT Box in order to enable politicians, public institutions and companies of all kinds to operate sustainably and use IT hardware in a more environmentally friendly manner.


Thank you for the interview, Niklas!

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