Google reviews as a placement option

Bbnet google reviews
There are more than 3,5 trillion Google searches worldwide every day, almost 200 million of them in Germany - making Google the largest search engine in the world.
A good visibility in order to be ranked high in special search queries by Google is very important, especially for companies.

The company's website is every company's online business card. However, the most beautiful and attractive business card is of no use if it is not found. If you want to be successful these days, you should also work on your website and design it so that it is ranked as well as possible on search engines like Google, Bing and Co. Because only then is it clearly visible - and only then do many visitors come to the site via search engines.

A detailed SEO optimization is very expensive and extensive. However, there are ways to benefit from a strong SEO partner even as a small company: Google reviews.  With Google reviews it is possible to place yourself indirectly with companies that are highly ranked by Google and to use them as your own small advertising space. You evaluate the SEO-optimized company by describing your own business relationship and, for example, your own use of the products. If an interested party goesogle for the company, they automatically come across their own reviews. The visibility of your own company is thus promoted by other search queries.

bb-net is happy about every review from customers, partners and service providers!