Used accessories are not worthless

used accessories are not worthless
Well-preserved IT peripherals do not belong in the garbage

June 04, 2018 | ChannelPartner

Well-preserved IT peripherals do not belong in the garbage. Distributors and remarketing companies specialize in used hardware. That saves the budget and the environment.

For some customers, IT products that have been written off and retired, demos and tests or returns can be interesting alternatives to expensive new purchases. But the used goods have to be bought, collected, reprocessed and put back into circulation.

For IT peripherals, however, the offers are manageable. In the case of items such as keyboards or mice, the low purchase price is hardly worth reprocessing. “Refurbishing and remarketing are part of our all-round service for IT hardware. However, our focus is on PCs and notebooks,” explains Simone Blome-Schwitzki, spokeswoman for the management at Also. In the case of peripherals, you have to decide on a case-by-case basis what makes economic sense or what makes sense from an environmental point of view.

Ingram Micro is cautious about recycling or remarketing IT peripherals. "We offer a complete range of services, from the remarketing of used IT and telecommunications equipment to the recycling of e-waste and certified data destruction," explains Eric Rositzki, Executive Lifecycle Services & Managing Director at Ingram Micro Services.

Good equipment at a fraction of the original price

The remarketing specialists are more specific: "TFT monitors are one of our core product groups, which we completely process in-house and bring back to the market via our TecXL brand," says Marco Kuhn, authorized signatory and sales manager at BB net. However, as with computers and notebooks, the prerequisite is the quality of the devices, which usually come from the business lines of manufacturers such as HP, Fujitsu, NEC or Eizo. "We offer our specialist retail partners the opportunity to buy their old IT devices such as PCs, notebooks, monitors or even MFPs and printers," says Sven Bent, Managing Director of CDS IT-Systems, describing his company's offer. In particular, the rollback of printers is a “core competence”. Remarketing after processing then takes place via the company's own B2B platform "CDS Weblounge" or via the auction platform "B4B Mall".

Both resellers and customers benefit from professional refurbishment. Ingram Director Rositzki leads in field efficiency, data security, sustainability and environmental protection as well as concentration on the core business. "Especially in projects and tenders, taking into account residual values ​​for old goods leads to calculation advantages in new business," adds Blome-Schwitzki, Managing Director of Also.

Marco Kuhn from BB-Net sees great potential for margins and also the possibility of offering price-conscious customers high-quality goods. "For the end customer, this means getting professional equipment at a fraction of the original new price without sacrificing quality and the security of a guarantee," he emphasizes.


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