Used IT and sustainability

Avoid garbage with used it

Opportunities and risks of processing

What to do with the old hardware in the company? Throwing all the data onto the growing mountain of electronic waste of 51 million tons or parking it in the storage room forever? IT processors have better, sustainable and legally secure solutions.

Every company is under pressure to develop further. The focus on digitization is bigger than ever. Decision-makers see the major investments here above all. IT refurbishers create partial relief and enable companies to act sustainably and to achieve high residual values ​​by selling used IT. Because there is more to old devices than you think!

IT processors are real all-rounders

By selling decommissioned IT, additional income can be achieved or new acquisitions can be partially refinanced. In addition, every company can use it to do something good for the environment. System houses and lessors have already recognized the added value and refinance by handing over old devices to specialized companies. At the same time, the partner solves problems and relieves their own IT. Advice, unpackaged collection at locations, logistics, inventory, testing and evaluation of the EDP are standard with the professionals. The difference is in the details. Check whether there are contracts, a license as a waste management company and, ideally, whether your partner is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.


Data protection is a top priority - also in terms of liability!

Every day 2,5 billion gigabytes of data are generated worldwide. Anyone who affords a data breach reaps considerable damage to their reputation and hefty fines. Violations of the obligations under Art. 33, 34 GDPR can be sanctioned by the supervisory authority with a fine of up to ten million euros or two percent of the annual turnover achieved worldwide. Secure detection, deletion or destruction of data storage media is a central element of IT recovery.  You should keep these tips in mind:
  • Ask for the exact solutions and the IT security conceptswhat automatisms exist and how they Deletion documentation takes place.
  • One is essential Data processing contract (ADV) in the execution of data deletion. It creates clarity between the parties and secures corporate governance.


Use of the circular economy IT in the company

The manufacture of new products requires a high use of natural resources and large amounts of CO2 are released. Much less energy is required for processing for the second life cycle and for reuse.

Nowadays, specialized IT processors can offer quality and warranty periods like new goods and can be purchased up to 70% below the former sales price. More for less with a positive impact on the environment. Car, property or machine - renting or leasing new devices is nothing new. Short-term IT needs can be implemented cost-effectively with prepared IT. The advantages are apparent. Immediate availability, fast integration and significantly cheaper and more flexible than competing new products.


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