Fujitsu partner certification

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In order to maintain our usual high quality standard for reconditioned systems, close cooperation with the premium manufacturers that we process is important to us. For this reason, various bb-net employees take part in advanced training programs and training courses for manufacturers in order to always stay up to date with the latest technology.

We are pleased that our colleagues Pascal Roth (Head of Customer Service) and technician Uwe Dammass successfully took part in the Fujitsu "Certified Deskbound Maintenance Engineer" training course at the beginning of May. Uwe Dammaß had attended this course before and was able to successfully renew his certificate.

The content of the two-day course was the intensive analysis, error diagnosis and repair as well as common error sources and their quick elimination on Fujitsu systems. In addition, software developed by Fujitsu, accessories for technicians and the latest technology updates such as BIOS setups were discussed.