Management level on four strong pillars

bbnet_head of department

Expansion of the management level at the Schweinfurt IT preparation company bb-net media GmbH.

Use resources efficiently and sustainably. Bb-net pursues this goal not only through its sustainable business concept, but also in the area of ​​staff retention and promotion. The company strictly pays attention to balanced and equal opportunity leadership. Various benefits, such as a generous working time model or individual home office agreements, offer employees an attractive working environment. The broad spectrum of training and further education measures also helps to identify, promote and develop employee potential.

The former team leaders Niklas Maier and Marcel Zitzmann know how successfully this concept can be used at bb-net. Since January 2020, they have officially assumed managerial responsibility for their respective sphere of activity, combined with extensive powers of attorney and personnel responsibility. Maier, who was still working at Porsche Motorsport in 2017, is now in charge of the core purchasing process. He controls the fortunes of the four-person team, which is responsible for both operational and strategic purchasing. Zitzmann, who has been with bb-net since 2018, completely takes over the areas of production, logistics and customer service and covers another core process of the company. His team consists of 35 employees.

Purchasing, manufacturing and sales - the company is divided into these three core processes. So far, the management has shared the management of these areas with the managing director Michael Bleicher and the authorized signatory Marco Kuhn.

“The decision was made jointly within the management level. With the expansion of the management level, each process has its own management. Above all, this helps to relieve the management and promotes the independent growth of the divisions, ”says Kuhn, who has not been a stranger to the IT channel for years and who is responsible for sales with his team thanks to his experience.

With a total of three management members, the second management level is complete and the Lower Franconian family company now rests on four strong pillars.

“I am looking forward to the time that lies ahead of us and the changes that will result from the further heads. These form a solid foundation to continue writing the bb-net story. Expansion and creative new projects can now be advanced even more effectively and faster. However, high quality and satisfaction of employees, customers and partners are still always in the foreground ”, says managing director Michael Bleicher.


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