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Partner conference eset

The fact that we have the right antivirus software manufacturer as a partner at our side was only recently confirmed by the PC-Magazin customer satisfaction study.

Of course, we would also like to personally get a picture of the quality and the company. ESET organized the fourth DACH partner conference in its Slovak homeland, in Bratislava - we were also there and were finally able to get an insight.

In addition to the interesting lectures and the opportunity to exchange ideas personally with ESET on site, the highlight was the VirusLAB headquarters, which monitors the worldwide movements of viruses and cyber attacks and can therefore react at an early stage.

After a look behind the scenes, we can now confirm: We have found the perfect partner in ESET when it comes to IT security. Thanks to our cooperation with the IT security provider, all buyers of a tecXL system receive the full version of ESET Internet Security for a full year - at no additional cost. An advantage that we are really proud to offer our customers.

And what do we appreciate most about ESET? The question is answered by bb-net managing director Michael Bleicher from 0:55 min. It's worth taking a look!


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At this point, once again a huge thank you to ESET for the great partner conference with exciting impulses and presentations.