Waste management company: renewed certification

ZN certificate ElektroG

Last week bb-net successfully recertified itself for another year as a waste management company according to §56 KrWG and as a qualified data destruction company and initial treatment system according to ElektroG. Since 2014, our company has been able to carry out professional, secure data deletion and destruction in-house thanks to this verification. In addition, we can carry out all waste management activities for the professional dismantling and disposal of electrical devices ourselves.

Only particularly qualified companies that meet certain requirements receive this official confirmation of their performance.

In the area of ​​data destruction, bb-net has a restricted access security area in which data carriers are completely cleaned using professional software tools. In addition, a special hard disk punch is available for mechanical destruction if this is requested or necessary by the customer.

When it comes to disposal, the requirements for such a company include collecting, treating, recycling and disposing of waste and being able to carry out one or more of these activities independently.

The certification gives the waste producer, who is ultimately responsible for disposal, the security that his waste will be disposed of reliably and properly at all times. Even with devices whose batteries or rechargeable batteries contain materials classified as dangerous, special measures for disposal can be initiated without any problems.

We are pleased to have successfully passed the certification again in 2016 and to be able to offer our customers these extended services.