New Fujitsu partner certification

Fujitsu News

The constant further development of technology is no exception, even for reprocessed devices. The hardware, which serves as the basis for the processed technology from tecXL, is continuously improved by the premium manufacturers with new software and new components. In order to guarantee the professional handling and repair of all systems despite all changes, it is necessary for IT technicians to refresh their knowledge on a regular basis.

The manufacturer Fujitsu offers regular workshops for this purpose, after which the employees are certified as CMME (Certified Mobile Maintenance Engineer) or CDME (Certified Deskbound Maintenance Engineer) after successful participation.

As in the previous year, our employees Pascal Roth and Uwe Dammaß successfully participated in both workshops and renewed the two Fujitsu certifications.

The refresher on dealing with the manufacturer's devices ensures that we are still able to quickly and professionally carry out upgrades and repairs in-house. In addition, the service authorization enables us to obtain spare parts faster, even outside of warranty periods, and to be more available to support.

We are delighted with the qualifications of our employees and once again send our congratulations.