Our promise for climate protection


The topic of climate protection is more present than ever. More and more young people are striking and demonstrating around the world for ambitious climate protection, for calling the climate crisis a real crisis and for saving our planet. Also Entrepreneurs For Future, i.e. entrepreneurs, want to work for faster climate protection through innovative products, technologies, services and business models in the economy and thus promote climate protection.

We know from our own day-to-day business activities: Climate-friendly business practices are already working today! There are already many innovative technologies, products, services and business models for better climate protection. For this reason, more far-reaching political framework conditions are necessary so that fair competitive conditions for climate-friendly technologies and business models are created and the economy as a whole redirects.

With the Paris climate protection agreement of 2015, the states of the world community made a binding commitment to keep global warming well below 2 ° C or promised to make efforts to limit warming to 1,5 ° C.

Bb-net managing director Michael Bleicher has also signed the statement on the protests for more climate protection by Entrepreneur for Future and thus supports the demands of the Paris climate protection agreement:

  • An effective and predictable increasing CO2- Pricing for all sectors
  • Accelerate the energy transition
  • Divestment and abolition of climate-damaging subsidies by 2025
  • A mobility turnaround
  • An agricultural and food turnaround
  • Promote circular economy
  • Establishment of a climate innovation fund for established companies and startups
  • An ambitious climate protection law



In the course of this, we also made a climate protection promise.

A promise that we take really seriously!

Are you an entrepreneur and would like to advance climate protection? Companies can sign the statement here >> https://www.entrepreneurs4future.de/

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