Introduction of 5S at bb-net

Bb Net Workplace

A new organization system has been introduced at bb-net since October 2016. All of our office and production rooms have been reorganized according to the so-called 5S principle in order to make our workplaces and their surroundings safe, clean and clear.

The aim is that the work can then proceed without disruption and waste. In this way, annoying searches or unnecessary waiting times can be reduced or eliminated entirely. "5S" stands for the first letters of the five steps with which order and cleanliness can be established and maintained in production:

1. Sorting out (Seiri): The workplace is examined and it is decided which items are needed.

2. Arrange ergonomically (Seiton): Useful arrangement of all required items.

3. Workplace cleanliness (Seiso): The workplace is cleaned from the ground up.

4. Make arrangement the rule (Seiketsu): A sample workplace is taken as a model and a standard is derived from it.

5. Adhere to and improve all points (Shitsuke).

After the office workplaces were first revised, the workplaces in production have now also been adapted and all employees have been informed about the key points of 5S in a training course.