A good year for green IT

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2020 was challenging and special in many ways. How do you assess the market and industry development in 2020? How was the year for your company?

The increased use of the home office has forced people to rethink and act overnight. A positive development for digitization and employees. The immensely high demand brings good results when there is a shortage of processed IT products. There is no end in sight. And the investment backlog in companies and the moderate inflow of new goods for projects are also responsible for the fact that the supply of used goods remains volatile and low. It was a beneficial year for “green IT” and encouraged people to rethink. We can look back on a successful financial year and I am proud of my team that we were able to master this unusual time so well.

What are your expectations for the new year?

The 2020 challenges will continue seamlessly into 2021. I would like to see a return to a new normal as quickly as possible, a policy that does not instrumentalise the events of an election year and a still highly motivated bb-net team to master the tasks in the coming year. We also see many opportunities to inspire and win society and companies for the circular economy. (07.12.2020)


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