A look into the past: 2011

Warehouse clerk IHK exam

In our anniversary year 2015, we repeatedly reported on special milestones in the history of bb-net.

These also include the expansion of bb-net and the move into our production hall. We find it hard to believe that only 4 years have passed since then. Today, in addition to the sales and administration offices, the technical preparation, the heart of the company, is located in this hall. Up to 2.000 devices per week are checked, cleaned, prepared and prepared for their next use by over 20 production employees.

2011 was also the year of birth of tecXL, the first brand for processed technology at the time. If you look at the first tecXL cartons from back then, a lot has happened here too, from the look of the packaging to the advantages of a brand system tecXL - technology like new brings with it.

Our passion for technology and our endeavor to supply our partners with reconditioned hardware of the highest quality has remained unchanged to this day.

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