Certificate of honor from the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Schweinfurt, September 16.09.2021, 25. On the occasion of the company's XNUMXth anniversary, Jürgen Bode, Deputy General Manager of the Mainfranken Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also visited the bb-net technology center and presented boss Michael Bleicher with the certificate of honor.   

“In recognition of the special services rendered to the Main Franconian economy” - the certificate that IHK managing director Jürgen Bode brought with him with this text on his visit to bb-net makes bb-net founder Michael Bleicher proud: Even if the The conditions for a high-tech IT company in Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, were not always ideal, but entrepreneur Bleicher has remained connected to the region and now offers over 60 jobs with a future at the Maintal location. Since the beginning of bb-net's history 25 years ago, his company has also developed continuously and is now one of the largest and most successful IT refurbishers in Germany. "Here in Schweinfurt we bundle a lot of process and market knowledge," says Michael Bleicher, "and of course that helps us to keep pace with the highly dynamic developments in the ICT area." Even more: In many ways, his company has developed into a consistently innovative pioneer today, for example with regard to the CO2-neutrality of the business premises, or the work organization or the competence of its own development department. “So we are independent of external resources or any limitations and can practically reinvent ourselves again and again,” says the bb-net boss, who started building his first own business in his parents' garage at the age of 15. Jürgen Bode from the IHK called it “an unprecedented career” during his visit - for Michael Bleicher it was above all his personal passion to discover new things that encouraged him to go beyond the average.

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