EfbV §56 KrWG disposal specialist

Waste management company
The certificate proves that the requirements of the waste disposal company regulation according to § 56 KrWG are met.

High demands are placed on the service provider in terms of reliability, the technical and specialist knowledge of the staff, company insurance cover, organization and equipment. Compliance with all necessary legal provisions and the documentation requirement for all waste management activities.

The types of waste according to the Waste Catalog Ordinance (AVV) are also specified in the certificate issued. This shows whether the company may treat and dispose of it.

Did you know that the majority of IT equipment is classified as hazardous waste? The reason for this are batteries that are used in computers and rechargeable batteries that are installed in laptops and cell phones.

You have a dutythat decommissioned devices are only handed over to certified and approved specialist companies - even if they are not compulsorily disposed of.

You can use the waste management company register to check whether the service provider has a license and which activities he is allowed to carry out.


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