Distribution for the circular economy


MRM for Future
From a new location, with new employees and a new mission, MRM Distribution is setting out anti-cyclical to new shores in Corona times. Because we consistently focus on sustainability - from the business model to the partner rewards.

Green or greenwashing - it is often not easy to distinguish whether companies really think green or subsequently paint their business model green. Nevertheless, both are a good sign, because they prove that the principle of sustainability is important in business, whether as a wish or as a reality.

The fact that MRM Distribution has relied entirely on green from the first idea to the establishment of a reseller network of currently more than 4.000 partners leaves no doubt in itself: MRM is the first distribution for legal, market and manufacturer-compliant trading with Software licenses that are no longer required and that have already been officially running on company or government computers, have been completely uninstalled and have demonstrably been legally procured by the first purchaser for the EEA. MRM only acts as a buyer for old licenses for the end customer; These are resold exclusively through registered trading partners, who use the familiar procurement and sales structures for new IT.

Mission 2.0: Distribution for the Circular Economy
But used software distribution was less a clever business idea than an expression of a deeply felt conviction: Our planet can no longer afford to throw away things that could be of great use to others in the long term, be it computers, software or cars.

With the appointment of Ernesto Schmutter as Managing Director at MRM Distribution, this mission also got a name: Distribution for the Circular Economy. This is not about Samaritanism - on the contrary, MRM believes in it and proves that compliance, sustainability and profitability do not have to be competing values, but can stimulate each other if material and usage cycles are thought through, slowed down, reduced in size and closed.

With its partner network, MRM is already making a valuable contribution to the regenerative use of software, but is now gradually expanding this approach to as many areas of the IT infrastructure as possible. The focus is on strategic partnerships with responsible companies that do not save one square meter of rainforest for each crate of beer sold, but have created their business model such as MRM around the topic of sustainability.

The upcoming expansion of the MRM portfolio to include “refurbished hardware” from the two industry giants Reteq and tecXL is the next step towards strategic compliance and sustainability alliances. At the beginning of 2020, the tecXL parent bb-net was even certified by Focus Zukunft as the first German climate-neutral company in the field of IT reprocessing.

Outlook: sustainability for the entire EEA
As a distribution for the circular economy, MRM wants to ensure that recycling through professional remanufacturing and refurbishing is postponed for as long as possible. Each skipped software version and hardware generation shrinks the ecological footprint and at the same time increases the profitability of an investment. The more efficiently we transform the past into the future, the more liveable we make the present for generations and increase the credibility and acceptance of digitization, and not just in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the case of MRM, sustainable growth is also synonymous with growth in sustainability, because MRM is dedicating its upcoming expansion to other countries in the European economic area to this goal.

If you want to jump, you should be stable
The operational base necessary for this was already adequately enlarged in the middle of the Corona crisis by moving from Frankfurt to the gates of Munich and hiring the first 14 of a total of 43 new specialists for the areas of sales, marketing, purchasing, back office and HR.

Does the fact that MRM not only sell used Microsoft volume licenses, but is now also moving into the MicroCity office complex in Unterschloßheim, which Microsoft used as its German headquarters for many years, also follow the topic of sustainability? At least a nice thought that goes perfectly with MRM.

And what does that have to do with eBikes?
With IT remarketing for Rebike's eBike: In cooperation with ebike abo and Rebike, MRM is launching its new summer campaign for IT specialist retail partners. Registered MRM partners based in Germany who reach predefined sales hurdles between June 1 and August 31, 2020, automatically participate. In addition to attractive margins on the purchasing terms of the entire IT remarketing portfolio, resellers can look forward to great rewards - from eBike subscriptions to two new premium eBikes from Rebike.

Get involved
Become a partner, sell us your old software or visit the MRM Distribution in the new premises in MicroCity, Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim. Appointments on 089 2488 369-0 or by email at [email protected]


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