Opportunities for retailers of processed IT. With the digital pact of the federal and state governments, tecXL partners can support educational institutions with notebooks, PCs & displays and advance digitization.

Digitization shapes our everyday life. The necessary digital skills should be taught in school. That requires better equipment in schools. 

tecXL partners can make an important contribution to this with the DigitalPact School. The refurbished devices from tecXL are technically and visually checked, processed and completely pre-installed and are fully covered by the 24-month guarantee. They are in no way inferior to new goods, especially not in terms of quality and performance. tecXL devices and the integration partners are the ideal helpers when it comes to digitization.

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773 thousand.

98 thousand.


The tecXL brand is "Technology like new". The seal of quality is a novelty for processed IT in Germany and leaves nothing to be desired. tecXL is available in two levels – first and second choice. All notebooks, PC systems and TFT displays are tested by technicians and then thoroughly cleaned. Only fully functional devices receive the "tecXL certified" seal.

WHY tecXL?




All tecXL devices come from the business lines of well-known manufacturers. Devices from business lines are specially designed for daily use in companies and offices. High-quality materials such as aluminum housings or magnesium components and a detailed structure make these systems reliable work tools. Ideally suited for preparation and use in a second life cycle.

More for less. A tecXL device offers the same know-how and the same quality as comparable new goods - only cheaper. When you buy a tecXL refurbished device, you save up to 70% compared to the new price.

Switch on and get started right away - made possible by preinstalled software and drivers. Complex set-up processes are a thing of the past. tecXL devices are ready for immediate use.

Reuse instead of buying new. The decision for a reconditioned device is also a plus point for our environment. Reuse eliminates the need to produce a new computer, saves large amounts of resources and produces fewer pollutants. In figures, this means up to 70% less CO² emissions and up to 80% fewer natural resources.

At tecXL, good service does not end with the purchase. All devices are delivered in an orange package with a guarantee of at least 24 months.


All tecXL devices come with original, legally secure Windows 10 Licenses and many useful software packages free of charge. Students and teachers can directly with tecXL start and have with it Security as well as extensive Solutions already integrated.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Pro is the best Windows ever. It enables teachers and students to learn personalized at the highest level and technically up to date.

eset internet security

Better safe than sorry. With the ESET Internet Security license, valid free of charge for the first 12 months, the processed tecXL is optimally protected. In addition, two additional IT devices such as notebook, PC, tablet or smartphone can be secured in the educational institution for each tecXL product purchased. Free and secure.

LibreOffice logo

LibreOffice is a free, powerful office suite and a successor to OpenOffice (. Org). Thanks to its clear interface and simple tools, productivity can be increased almost playfully. It contains comparable products and controls as Microsoft Office. In addition, Libre is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

Microsoft Office 365 trial version

The full range of programs in the Office 365 package sets no limits on productivity and creativity at school and leaves nothing to be desired. Activation is quick and easy by entering the product key. Alternatively, tecXL offers a 1-month test period in cooperation with Microsoft.

It can happen that the devices are no longer functional due to incorrect operation or willful manipulation. For this we have a secured recovery partition that restores the device to its original state with just a few clicks.


Students and educators at eligible institutions can apply for the free use Register Office 365 Education with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and now Microsoft Teams as well as other classroom tools.

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Equip schools and educational institutions - short or long term. Would a school prefer to rent tecXL devices instead of buying them? No problem. As a tecXL partner, you have the exclusive opportunity not only to sell devices and services to your customers, but also to rent them out without much additional effort.

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We take Old devices of educational institutions kostenfrei opposite. All disk will kostenfrei deleted or destroyed. We will take care of professional packaging and collection on request for an additional charge.

In addition, you also support labdoo, a non-profit aid project that gives children and young people at home and abroad access to IT and education. We donate devices that are classified as usable to this organization as a partner.

Advantages for dealers and educational institutions:

  • Free acceptance and disposal
  • Free data deletion and destruction
  • Collection and packaging at an additional cost
  • Environmentally friendly as a waste management company
  • Indirect support for an IT aid organization

The school equipment is not yet “ready” for disposal? Refinance new, refurbished hardware from tecXL by purchasing the used IT from bb-net. We offer a full service here, so that you as a partner do not have to worry about anything.


The respective federal state determines the funding guidelines of the DigitalPakt itself. Here you will find information on the state-specific funding opportunities as a tecXL dealer. Use our interactive map or the state selection.


Federal states and municipalities receive funding for the municipal digital education infrastructure of publicly sponsored general and vocational schools. In addition, independent school bodies in their respective legal form for schools that are equivalent according to the law of the federal states. 

The equipment of the schools is the responsibility of the respective school authorities. In the case of public bodies, these are mostly the municipalities. For some schools - for example vocational schools - the state itself can also be the school authority. Private school authorities of schools that are equivalent under the law of the federal states are also entitled to apply. 

No - the only exception are smartphones as school-bound mobile devices that are not eligible. In some cases, however, the federal states provide for such requirements. 

No. However, the items that are principally eligible for funding are named in the administrative agreement. For example, smartphones are not eligible. In some cases, the federal states provide for specific requirements. 

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