Digitization - sustainable through completely overhauled IT

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Schweinfurt, July 20, 2020. Dr. Anja Weisgerber (Member of the Bundestag) uses the parliamentary summer break to gain an insight into the day-to-day business of Germany's first climate-neutral IT processor, bb-net media GmbH.

Dr. Anja Weisgerber, Commissioner for Climate Protection of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group and member of the Bundestag, visited the IT Refurbisher together with Martina Gießübel, deputy chairwoman of the CSU parliamentary group in the district council, and gained an insight. Managing Director, Michael Bleicher, guided the guests through the Technology Center built in 2018 and showed the difference between used and processed IT. He explained to the political duo how hardware from the second life cycle can support and relieve the burden of digitization and help protect the environment. “As an environmental and climate politician, I was very impressed by the sustainable management of bb-net. By processing used IT, such as laptops, the company makes an important contribution to the careful use of our natural resources, ”emphasized Anja Weisgerber.

Compatibility of IT, environmental protection and education

The company, which was awarded climate neutral status in 2020, has been making a contribution to the environment for years. Offsetting emissions, reducing print materials or switching to sustainable advertising media - the Schweinfurt company is constantly improving. It makes a significant contribution through the IT processor's core business of giving used IT a second life. Bleicher introduced Weisgerber and Gießübel to environmental issues during a presentation and showed how resource-saving and low-CO² IT refurbishing is. The introduction of the Labdoo partnership also made it clear how “technology like new” from tecXL, the bb-net quality promise, environmental protection and education can be reconciled. Through the partnership, the IT specialist supports children and young people around the world with IT donations and thereby enables access to education with IT.

Digitization with processed IT

The pressure on the government to digitize is increasing. Making this sustainable and efficient is also a concern for Weisgerber. Bleicher described the situation in the IT refurbishing industry: “In people's minds, digitization is associated with new hardware, nothing about it is sustainable. High-quality IT meets the same quality and standards as new goods and scores with the green factor ”. He regretted that it had not yet reached the political level. Gießübel and Weisgerber were convinced of the processes and the quality of a reprocessed tecXL device and were very fascinated by these products and the industry.

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