bb-net sets standards

bb-net, Germany's largest IT processor from the Franconian town of Schweinfurt, has service packages for IT purchases that offer products that are specially tailored to the needs of customers.

Basic - Advanced - Enterprise: Different service packages adapted to the needs

The disposal of old devices is a time-consuming and opaque topic for many companies. Questions like "What is my old hardware still worth?", "What happens to my data?" Or "Who takes care of the logistics?" Can be worrying.
In a joint project involving purchasing, manufacturing and management, four service products were designed and given a fixed price: Basic, Advanced Logistic, Advanced Erasure and Enterprise. From very simple requirements to special concerns, such as logistics or data deletion, to an all-round carefree package, the IT processor offers the right services for every interest. Process consulting, the evaluation of old devices, the optical and technical incoming inspection, the anonymization of the hardware as well as the environmentally friendly disposal of unusable devices and the detailed reporting based on serial numbers are included as standard in each package. With the intention of promoting open customer communication and efficiency, flat-rate service packages were created that prevent lengthy offer phases and unclear pricing.

Ecological action can and should be rewarded

Also completely new is the creation of a CO2 certificate, which is included in the service of the Advanced or Enterprise package. By reusing used IT equipment and preparing it for the second life cycle, both companies that hand over the hardware to bb-net and dealers actively contribute to environmental protection. Based on the CO2 values ​​provided by manufacturers over the entire life cycle, bb-net is able to calculate the reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gases and energy. Depending on the type and number of devices as well as the frequency of deliveries, the companies get an overview of how many kilograms of CO2 and kilowatts of energy could be saved by handing over old devices.

“Our aim when developing the service packages was to give interested parties an uncomplicated overview of the various services and to create an easily calculable price model. In addition, the certificate gives companies the opportunity to use them for their CO2 balance or to publish them in a media-effective manner in order to provide evidence of sustainable action, ”says Michael Bleicher, Managing Director of bb-net media GmbH.

Via bb-net media and tecXL
bb-net has been a partner for the purchase of used IT and its quality-oriented processing and remarketing for more than 20 years. Refurbished devices that meet strict quality requirements are brought back onto the market under the “tecXL – Technik wie neu” brand. The end customer receives a completely tested, refurbished product for a price of up to 70 percent below the former new price. The device is pre-installed with Windows 10 and is therefore ready to go. The tecXL devices can be used immediately without further installation or preparation. There is a 12-month warranty for every tecXL system. and


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