Blancco Research Study: Data Erasure Policy versus Reality

In more than half of the companies surveyed worldwide, there is a lack of company-wide, effective and regular communication of the data deletion policy.
white paper from blancco on the subject of data deletion

Many companies have documented guidelines for when and how to ensure data security. On closer inspection, however, there are significant discrepancies between the existing guidelines and the way in which they are communicated, implemented and enforced.

Blancco´s Studie untersucht die Risiken, die Unternehmen eingehen, wenn:

  • die Datenlöschung in den falschen Händen ist,
  • IT Equipment gelagert und damit die Datenlöschung aufgeschoben wird,
  • Offsite-Datenlöschung ohne den vollständigen Einblick in die Kontrollkette passiert,
  • klare Zuständigkeiten bei den Richtlinien zur Datenlöschung fehlen.

You will quickly see how data erasure policies can break down while running AND Learn about seven proven data erasure methods that help protect your company's end-of-life data.


Data Erasure: Policy versus Reality based on Coleman Parkes research study commissioned by Blancco. The study included survey responses from 1850 executives from some of the world's largest companies on their end-of-life device disposal policy.

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