When a job changes your life

First came the apprenticeship, then there were problems and then again and again self-doubt, discouragement: anyone who meets Sebastian Bauriedl today cannot imagine that.
July 30, 2018 | Mainpost

Sebastian Bauriedl explains in a friendly and patient manner what he does at his workplace at bb-net media GmbH. In the background, Sabrina Klein from the Schweinfurt company and Lena-Marie Schlichenmaier marvel at building blocks. How self-confident and competent the 24-year-old is now would not have been thought a year ago. At that time, the young man kept silent about his new supervisor at the Schweinfurt integration service rather than talking to her. And looked forward to the internship at bb-net more skeptically than expectantly.

Everything was different then. At school it was okay, Sebastian Bauriedl did his training as a painter and varnisher afterwards, but he couldn't work in this profession. A neurodermatitis disease thwarted the plan. The now 24-year-old was a case for the employment agency, got internships from the job center, all of which went badly - and lost more and more self-confidence. Without a job, with the “feeling of not belonging” and not getting anything done, driven by self-doubt that grew stronger and stronger. The agency looked for support and handed over the support to the integration specialist service (ifd). And at some point Bauriedl ended up with Lena-Marie Schlichenmaier.

Cooperation for Integration

She also looked for and found an internship. But this time it was the right one. For years, the young company bb-net, which purchases written-off technology from companies, processes it and then brings it onto the market itself, has been working with the ifd. Out of conviction, as managing director Michael Bleicher says. Bb-net has been offering internships for years and has now signed a cooperation agreement with the ifd. To give especially people with disabilities the chance to integrate into the labor market.

Sebastian Bauriedl, however, is something of a pioneer if the hopes of his supervisor are fulfilled. Because he was the first intern from this collaboration that bb-net took over. In a firm contract. It runs for two years. It looks good for an extension, says Sabrina Klein from bb-net to the employee. Both smile, you understand each other, you are like everyone here. And precisely that, the good working atmosphere, is one of the things that the 24-year-old has come to appreciate so much about his company.

"Nothing works without me"

At bb-net, says Sebastian Bauriedl, he has noticed that he can change something, that he can perform. He started his six-month internship here in November 2017. He had to get used to the technology, including the in-house software. But soon it “clicked”, came the motivation, “the knot came undone”. And in April he got his employment contract. Today the 24-year-old says simply and confidently about his job: “Nothing works without me.” And he is right. Sebastian Bauriedl is responsible for the pre-cleaning of the devices and thus for the first step of production.

In the new building, which is currently being built in Lisbon Street and which is to bring the entire company and its currently 60 employees under one modern roof from November, this pre-cleaning will be done by a machine. But the 24-year-old doesn't have to worry about his job. He has already developed the packaging of TFT monitors including quality assurance as a second area. New tasks, so Klein, are already waiting for him. He has already proven that he can do it.


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