These are the benefits of IT remarketing

Benefits of It Remarketing

IT remarketing is becoming increasingly popular with many companies. The remarketing of used IT products can not only be financially lucrative for companies, but also protect the environment at the same time. The purchased hardware can be examined, processed and resold in several steps by an external service provider. At the end of the process, ideally all parties benefit from the IT purchase.

So the goal of IT remarketing is to sell the used products again. Because this is not an easy undertaking in the IT area, several steps and some important points must be observed. After all, for example, many companies themselves do not know how to delete the data on the company laptop. The respective service provider should ensure that the existing data is destroyed securely and in accordance with the specifications. After all, many companies are still afraid of giving their devices to an external service provider because they fear that their data will be misused or stolen.

These fears when purchasing IT are unfounded. CloseßLich the used Geräte in the refurbishing step üoutdated and gänecesäoverturned. This process must be repeated several times in a row to guarantee that ultimately no more data can be restored. It is also possible to securely erase the SSD.

Another advantage of IT remarketing: the entire preparation helps to waste disposaläto avoid everything and thereby conserve resources for the environment. The donating company benefits from not having to take care of the disposal of the old devices, while protecting the environment and at the same time enjoying additional income. The amount of the payout amount for the individual devices depends heavily on the condition and thus on the work to be done. In some cases it can also happen that only a few individual parts can be used after the IT purchase or that devices have to be completely disposed of.

The transferring companies act in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by not simply disposing of existing and reusable assets. You sell the IT and offer it for further use and thus also help other companies to open up new opportunities.

Another positive factor in IT remarketing is the economic sizeühands. The hardware purchase can be financially worthwhile, especially if large companies have a large number of devices. Of course, the other side is also interesting: Für companies that are not looking for new Geräte afford köcomputer remarketing creates new Möopportunities, cheaper to Geräte that have been reprocessed and are therefore still in good condition. So there are some advantages why it can be worthwhile for companies to sell the used hardware. The best thing is: the external service provider takes care of the entire process - the company is only happy about the result.

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