Sustainable engagement (CSR)

For bb-net, economic action, taking into account the environment, sustainability and social aspects, is a matter of course.

CSR of bb-net media GmbH

Sustainability and social commitment are the basis for future viability. Corporate sustainability responsibility is not a luxury and can be implemented from any company size. Even small measures have a big impact. Every contribution counts to create the decisive change. Within our sustainability strategy, we not only focus on individual measures, but also follow a holistic approach that takes into account all areas of our business area. And that without compromising on quality. Out of conviction, we take on social responsibility and act and commit ourselves beyond our core business for our environment, sustainable business and social projects.

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Driven by the vision of a sustainable global economy that benefits all people, communities and markets, more and more companies are signing the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT and are committed to adhering to the 10 principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) for worldwide responsible corporate governance. bb-net is the first German climate-neutral IT processor to identify itself as a Signatory of the UN Global Compact is committed to the 10 goals of the United Nations for responsible corporate governance and publishes the annual progress report (COP).

01     Companies should support and respect the protection of international human rights.

02     Businesses should ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

03     Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

04     Businesses should advocate the elimination of all forms of forced labor.

05     Companies should advocate the abolition of child labor.

06     Companies should stand up for the elimination of discrimination in employment and gainful employment.

07     Companies should follow the precautionary principle when dealing with environmental problems.

08     Companies should take initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness.

09     Companies should accelerate the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

10     Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

“Social and economic sustainability determines our core business. We are consistently committed to the worldwide sustainable use of IT hardware. In everything we do, we ensure compliance with laws, guidelines and human rights.”

Michael Bleicher
Managing director, founder and creative mind


Sustainable, ecological and social action has to be more than just lip service. We, at bb-net, still have big plans. We ambitiously focus on the big picture and want to do the best we can. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN encourage us to view our corporate responsibility as a living process and to keep improving, goal by goal.

the global goals for sustainable development

Further information on the Sustainable Development Goals can be found here .

How we integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into our corporate strategy.

Goal 4 quality education


Education is at the beginning of everything. Therefore, as an IHK-certified training company, we not only promote our employees with equal opportunities through a distinctive training and further education program, but also actively support the DigitalPact School by equipping educational institutions with processed IT. We support charitable aid projects such as Labdoo and the Knowledge Workshop with IT donations in kind to give children and young people at home and abroad access to IT and education.

Goal 7 affordable and clean energy


Bb-net has only used electricity from renewable energies since 2013. Automatic processes are used to completely switch off lighting and devices within production and the commercial area when not in use or during rest periods. By setting up a new, energy-efficient company location, we have achieved heating energy savings of more than 30%.

Goal 8 decent work and economic growth


We manufacture our devices safely for people, the environment and our climate. We place great value on working with companies that have committed to complying with the Code of Conduct. Compliance with fair production chains that arise without forced or child labor is a must for us. Out of conviction, we do without contract or temporary work and offer employees long-term and crisis-proof jobs in which they can realize themselves without paying attention to migration backgrounds and possible handicaps - we offer everyone the opportunity they deserve.

Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Germany is one of the pioneers in the field of green tech. With the bb-net own brand "tecXL - technology like new“ bb-net creates the innovation to turn used hardware into Green-IT.

Our tecXL devices are continuously improved under environmentally friendly conditions, resource-efficient processes and constant product optimization.

Goal 10 Less inequalities


Working together is our motto. People with a migration background, but also people with disabilities, work in almost all of our areas. At bb-net, everyone is worth the same and is supported where it is necessary. That is lived inclusion - out of conviction. We focus on a fair distribution of income, offer language courses and equip each of our workplaces identically so that every employee has the same high-quality standard.

Goal 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production


Responsible use of natural resources is particularly important in the IT area. To give high-quality, long-lasting business devices a second meaning, as well as professional disposal at the end of the device's life cycle. This is the most sustainable option when dealing with used IT. We see ourselves as constructive activists when it comes to giving processed IT the attention it deserves. By continuously optimizing our devices and offering attractive services, such as a 24-month guarantee, we try to encourage companies and end users to rethink their approach and to make the switch to reprocessed goods more and more attractive.

Goal 13 climate protection


At our climate-neutral location in Schweinfurt, we see our responsibility to operate in a climate-neutral manner. To minimize our negative environmental impacts as part of a comprehensive energy and mobility concept. It is our aim to improve the climate friendliness in the upstream and downstream production and transport steps. We compensate for unavoidable emissions in cooperation with “Focus Zukunft” by purchasing certificates. Green logistics: We analyze our emissions along the flow of goods, derive suitable measures from them and thus minimize our transport emissions.

Goal 15 Life on Land


A flourishing life on land is the basis of our life on this planet. In order to promote biological diversity, we planted over 50% more green than the greening plan specifies when we green our outdoor facilities. This expands the natural habitat of threatened species many times over. We are also actively participating in the “Save The Bees” campaign and have been sponsoring the Melfira initiative since 2019.

Goal 17 partnerships to achieve goals


Networking and cooperation in various areas (environment, climate, education, refugee aid and family) create partnerships in which we work together with our partners on creative solutions and best practice methods to further promote sustainable development. We are always optimizing ourselves and our partners. By setting up initiatives such as INSI (Initiative for Sustainably Secure IT Evolution), we support partners, companies and customers in setting up and implementing sustainability strategies in the IT lifecycle.