Less hassle, happier customers

G3 prominently positions used tecXL hardware in its branches.

March 15, 2018 | CRN

Daniel Michel, Managing Director of G3 Solutions, sees used hardware as an attractive way out for specialist retailers to counteract the falling sales of new PCs.

CRN: Mr. Michel, what made you decide to switch your business model over to used hardware?
Daniel Michele: Quality and reliability of the significantly higher quality business devices. Fewer failures, fewer warranty claims, less anger, happier customers. Customers are often downright surprised by the reliability and performance of the devices. In our experience, this ensures a significantly higher rate of satisfaction and recommendation.

CRN: How has customer attitudes towards devices changed in the second life cycle and how much persuasion is still necessary?
Michel: New customers who do not know the concept have to be convinced. For us, that means work and expenditure of time. Anyone who has ever bought refurbished from us will buy again and again normally. Those who come on the recommendation of our active customers also usually buy. The question is usually not whether, but what the customer is buying.

CRN: What are the advantages of the close cooperation and branding with tecXL at the POS?
Michel: Above all, the consistently high standard should be mentioned here. We can rely on the fact that the devices are technically flawless and optically correspond to the tecXL classification. Another big advantage is the pre-installed free standard software and the ESET annual license, which has also advanced to become a customer loyalty tool for us. The uniform, high-quality packaging is also nice. That just makes a good impression in the shop.