Used IT as a high-margin alternative

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The sale of used IT products offers specialist dealers and system houses additional sales opportunities and good margins.

February 16, 2017 | CRN

In order to convince customers that they are receiving high-quality products, the low price alone must not serve as a sales argument.

The CRN dedicates a multi-page report to the subject of "used IT" in its 07/2017 issue. The opinion of bb-net's sales manager Marco Kuhn, whom the editorial team asked for an interview, was also asked for. The article deals, among other things, with the reservations about reprocessed hardware, and that these have continued to decline in recent years.

Despite the increased acceptance, a high need for advice is still necessary in order to relieve customers of widespread fears such as contamination or performance deficits of the processed hardware. Measures to successfully counteract such prejudices are the at least 12-month warranty and the exchange service within 72 hours for all tecXL devices that we offer as standard.

A cheap and at the same time high-quality alternative to new devices is created from old systems through professional processes. The market is now expanding to include more device categories. “The range of articles is growing steadily,” Marco Kuhn confirms in the report. The savings potential means that specialist retailers have very good opportunities to continue growing over the next few years.


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