bb-net is sponsor of the competition "Office & Environment 2021"

Sponsor competition office & environment 2021

Resource-saving, energy-efficient behavior in the office and sustainable workplace design are at the center of the “Office & Environment” competition, which the Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management (BAUM) eV has carried out and developed annually since 2008 together with partners. We are very happy to be represented as a sponsor at this year's competition.  

The aim is to motivate those who already run a sustainable office and to create awareness of environmental problems in the office.  

Offices of all sizes, but also authorities, can take part, Municipalities and other public administration bodies as well as other institutions. Do you have an environmentally friendly office? Are you going to participate! Let's make the world a little greener together. 

Unter You will find all information about the competition as well as the opportunity to participate. 


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