Commitment is rewarded

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Career with training - statement from Michael Bleicher

Commercial or technical training provides a solid foundation on which to build on. Every employee has the key to success in their own hands. Even studying is no guarantee of good quality for an employee. Personally, I would always choose the path of high-quality, high-quality training instead of studying. From my point of view, it is clear that “self-grown people” often understand the company better through a hands-on mentality, they identify more with the company and their experience from the various areas is often a great advantage. Investing in our employees and supporting them is a very clear goal for us. Because that usually pays off for both sides in the end. We offer support in the form of additional vacation days for exam preparation or appointments that occur during working hours, but also, depending on the case, through partial or full financial financing of further training measures such as further training to become a specialist or business economist. Anyone who wants to make a career with us should, however, have a high level of qualitative performance and commitment, and simply put their heart and mind into the "thing". Certain qualities such as a sense of responsibility, steadfastness, perseverance, and loyalty are mandatory character requirements for success in management. It is therefore important to ask the question of filling a career position: “First the who, then the what.” In medium-sized companies in particular, the responsibility of executives is significantly higher. That can be stressful, but also beneficial. This shows again that homegrown people in particular outgrow themselves and develop uncanny potential for bigger things.


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