Factory tour of the technical college

News FOS as guest

On July 21.07.2016st, 18, XNUMX students from the Friedrich-Fischer-Fachoberschule Schweinfurt visited bb-net media GmbH.

First of all, the students were informed about the development and the pillars of the company through an informative company presentation by Matthias Ress, the team leader in the marketing department.

Then the tour through the company began with the managing director Michael Bleicher. Mr. Bleicher showed the students all areas of the company, explained the different processes and let the students look over the shoulders of the employees.

In a question and answer session that followed, the students were able to put their questions that arose during the tour to Michael Bleicher. There was particularly great interest in the company's training and internship programs. Mr. Bleicher made it clear that students at bb-net media GmbH can apply for apprenticeships or internships offered at any time. "Due to the constant growth of the company, diverse new jobs and apprenticeships are constantly being created", says the managing director.

As a farewell, the students received a small keepsake in the form of a tecXL rubber duck.

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