Overview of terms for IT purchases

Knowledge information Terms in IT purchasing
We explain which terms and steps you can expect when purchasing IT and what is meant by them. Even without technical know-how.


We advise you on the handover of your old devices and go through all of them in detail Processes by. We are also at your disposal for the implementation of a lifecycle process. If your company has guidelines regarding times for logistics, incoming goods, data deletion or audits, so-called SLA times, we have our Fast-Lane Enterprise Service especially for this.

  • process consulting
  • Consideration of your company guidelines
  • Extra fast lane for special needs 


After you have sent us a list of all devices to be returned, you will receive a detailed one within 48 hours Offer. Adapted to your needs. If an assessment can only be carried out after a complete device audit, you will receive it afterwards.

  • Offer within 48 hours 
  • Consideration of your needs 
  • On-site auditing  


Full security guaranteed: bb-net is up to date GDPR. You will receive all the documents ready-made, you z. B. need for a data deletion. This not only includes the ADV contract, but also our technical organizational measures (TOM). 

  • Security according to GDPR as well as TOM
  • Ready-made document service for you  
  • Easy handling through fillable PDF documents


When you buy your old hardware, we take care of the quick and smooth collection. We plan the process together. If your devices are not packed securely for transport, we will also find a solution here and take over the packing and loading. We will be happy to provide you with suitable transport containers for safe transport. The compartments supplied allow convenient storage.

  • Joint planning and organization
  • Timely and reliable logistics
  • Secured security transports for systems with sensitive data
  • Swap bodies for rent
  • Provision of transport-safe packaging
  • Packaging of the devices at your location


Our employees check every single device for optical and technical defects and missing parts. A comparison with your inventory numbers is also possible. By EFaster processing is guaranteed by importing your inventory numbers in advance. 

  • Exact recording of the textures Iof your devices 
  • Comparison with your inventory number is possible 
  • Fast processing through TARGET-ACTUAL comparison 


Our Technology center is subject to high security requirements through personal control, video recording and alarm security.  We delete your data fully automatically in our security area, so that no human intervention is necessary. The type of deletion method is agreed with you.  Should the deletion cannot take place because the hard disk is defective, we guarantee one Zerstörung according to DIN 66399-2 E4 (SSDs, memory sticks, smartphones, chip cards) or DIN 66399-2 T5 (data tapes, backup tabes) or DIN 66399-2 H5 (mechanical data carrier). You will of course receive proof of this including the serial number of the destroyed data carrier.  The destruction of data carriers by means of a mobile hard disk shredder can also take place at your location, with optional video surveillance. Complete documentation is also guaranteed here. 

  • High security measures at bb-net 
  • Data deletion is fully automatic 
  • Mechanical destruction for data carriers, which have a defect 
  • Data carrier destruction is also possible on site


The protection of your data is not just about destruction of all files on the systems, including your personal details, may no longer be associated with the devices. After completing the Data security level in our Process, all user data on and on the device are removed. A return to the previous location or device owner is no longer possible. 

  • Destruction of your data on the systems 
  • No return to you possible 
  • After our process, the devices are completely anonymized


After the data erasure is complete, your devices will move to the first step of ours Preparation process. Each device is checked individually in a detailed optical and technical audit.

  • Determination of the technical configuration and errors
  • Check for damage, such as broken housing or scratches
  • Detection of missing parts, such as housing panels or feet


You will receive detailed reports based on serial numbers. In this report you can see the status, equipment and missing parts of each individual device. No annoying comparison of the deletion logs, as we as blancco Silverpartner are directly connected to the deletion database via an interface. The final reporting gives you an overview of which data carriers have been deleted by the software and / or has been punched or shredded. All reports and images are saved in an audit-proof manner and can be requested again at any time. 

  • Detailed reporting on a serial number basis 
  • Silver partner at blancco with a direct interface 
  • The reports are saved in an audit-proof manner and can be called up at any time


The problem of electronic waste is no longer a secret through the media. Throwing it away in the simple household waste and transporting it to developing countries creates a completely new dimension of waste problem. As a waste management company, we dismantle devices into their components and transfer them to the disposal cycle. Important raw materials are extracted and contribute to environmental protection. 

  • components are fed into the disposal cycle
  • Using your components for other systems
  • Everything happens legally secure at our location
  • Positive contribution to the environment 


Your ecological action may and should be rewarded. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a certificate for your company at the end of the year. This  can then be published in a media-effective manner. 

  • Positive media effect through your performance 
  • List of the type and number of your devices 
  • Frequency of your delivery 
  • CO2 and energy savings distributed across device types
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