bb-net joins BAUM eV

Bb Net Baumev joining
Under the abbreviation BAUM, the Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management eV has been successfully and future-oriented linking economic, ecological and social issues, i.e. the principles of sustainability, with one another since 1984. Today, BAUM, with well over 500 members, is a strong corporate network for sustainable business. In addition to many well-known companies, associations and institutions are sponsoring members.

By being a member of BAUM eV, Refurbisher bb-net sets another example in terms of environmental protection and sustainability and voluntarily undertakes to comply with the BAUM Code of Sustainable Management as a guideline for future action.

More about our environmental commitment on our Environmental side.

BAUM Code:

In principle, membership in the BAUM sponsorship group is open to all companies, institutions and people who are actively committed to the development and implementation of sustainable business practices. It is recommended that the members of the BAUM support group voluntarily commit to the BAUM code of conduct for sustainable business practices as a guideline for future action. The commitment to the BAUM code is indicated accordingly in the member lists.

BAUM therefore relies on the declared will of the support group member to seriously implement the requirements specified in the code. To support this development and implementation process, BAUM offers contacts, information and events as well as opportunities to exchange experiences with other members.

Only those support group members who have committed themselves to the BAUM Code are allowed to refer to their membership in BAUM (e.g. mention on the website or in company presentations or in another way in the context of corporate communication) and use the BAUM logo and the BAUM certificate.

As far as possible, reference should also be made to the commitment to the BAUM Code of Sustainable Management. This can be done, for example, by printing it or by linking it to In addition, employees should be appropriately informed about BAUM membership.

The BAUM logo may not be used for specific products.

In the event of indications that give rise to doubts about the serious effort to implement the signed BAUM Code, the support group member is given the opportunity to comment, which also has to provide information on the extent to which legitimate criticism should be taken into account in the future and a change implemented. If it becomes apparent that the support group member does not want to or cannot comply with the BAUM code, the BAUM board decides on the member's exclusion.

Membership in the BAUM support group does not constitute an attestation that the objective of sustainable corporate management has actually been achieved.

You can find more about BAUM eV here .

We are aware of the special responsibility as a company towards future generations and our environment and act accordingly.

For many years we have been preparing IT devices with the tecXL brand to be climate-positive. We check and validate our options for minimizing CO2 emissions and constantly optimizing our products and our actions.

Acting in a sustainable, resource-friendly and environmentally friendly way starts with the smallest steps. As part of the BAUM network, we want to support other companies and improve our sustainable business even further.

Michael Bleicher
bb-net managing director