Reseller sure: bb-net is best special distributor 2021

bbnet_CEA2021 special distribution
ChannelPartner chooses bb-net as the most channel-friendly and best special distributor in 2021 as part of the Channel Excellence Awards!

On behalf of the specialist magazine ChannelPartner, the independent market research institute CONTEXT asks system houses and specialist dealers about their most popular manufacturers and distributors every year. This survey is a valuable inventory for all channel actors. A total of 13 manufacturer and 5 distribution categories were classified and around 2.300 resellers were surveyed. Only companies named by at least 50 resellers were considered in the rating. All the companies on the shortlist receive the "Preferred Distributor" or "Preferred Vendor" award. The winner of a category receives the “Channel Excellence Award”. The winners of the categories are usually announced in the festive framework of the Channel Excellence Awards. For known reasons, this event could not take place as usual.

The result in the special distribution segment caused great pleasure at bb-net. A total of 20 channel players made it into the ranking in the special distribution category. Bb-net was chosen as the most channel-friendly and therefore the winner of the Channel Excellence Awards 2021.

Ability to deliver, service, quality, reliability - bb-net was able to prove to its partners last year that these are not just empty lip service. In these critical times in particular, solidarity with one another is important - this also applies to the ICT channel. The award is very valuable feedback but also a great incentive to become even better and to further advance the IT refurbishing and IT remarketing industry.


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