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The refurbisher BB-Net is expanding its service portfolio. The professional refreshment of used PCs is now also available as a service package. In addition, the company is stepping into the breach for its partners after the Registered Refurbisher program is no longer available.

In economically difficult times, not all companies have the necessary means to replace running Windows 7 computers or hardware for which there is no manufacturer support with new devices. The Refurbisher BB-Net with IT-Refresh offers these companies the option of having their existing hardware professionally refreshed so that they can continue to use it without any problems. For example, computers that are no longer powerful enough for a certain task, such as workstations in the development department, can be used after the refresh at workstations where the hardware requirements are not so high.

Three refresh packages

BB-Net offers three different IT refresh packages: Re-Base, Re-Install and Re-License. All three packages include collection and return of the devices, secure data deletion, overhaul and, if necessary, upgrading. In the case of re-install, an additional service is the installation with the software provided by the customer. With re-license, Windows 10 Pro is also used as a Operating system Installed. According to BB-Net, changing the license as part of the refurbishment is cheaper than buying a pure Windows 10 software license. The twelve-month guarantee can be extended to 36 months after processing for an additional charge. Missing devices during the refresh process can be replaced by replacement computers from the IT rental offer from BB-Net.

BB-Net offers the IT refresh as a service directly or through its partners. These can offer customers the IT refresh as a separate service with little effort.

License partner program

Microsoft does not only do with changes in license policy Used software dealers, but rather difficult for small refurbishers who process small quantities of devices in order to deliver them to non-profit organizations or educational institutions, for example. The Registered Refurbisher Program (RRP) with around 3.000 partners intended for these companies will expire at the end of September 2020. From October 1st, you will only be allowed to use the remaining stock of licenses you have already purchased, but will no longer receive any more. One of the reasons for this is that, from July 2021, 2021, Microsoft will no longer deliver refurbishing product keys in adhesive form, but only in digital form. Discounts on non-digital licenses will no longer be available from the beginning of XNUMX.

Previous members of Microsoft's Registered Refurbisher Program - it will expire without replacement at the end of September 2020 - have the opportunity to join BB-Net as a third party refurbisher. Its status as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) is retained.

BB-Net is not affected by this, because the Schweinfurt-based company is one of only 69 accredited members of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) level worldwide, which must meet significantly higher requirements and will continue to exist. BB-Net is now making the previous RRP partners the offer to join him as a so-called Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) and thus stay in business. To this end, MAR starts the BB-Net License Partner Program (BLP) with Windows 10 Pro Citizenship, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home and the Office 365 trial version as available licenses. There should be no minimum license numbers. In addition, the Schweinfurt refurbisher promises its license partners technical Support and help with handling digital licenses. According to BB-Net, former MARs who were unable to purchase enough licenses to maintain their status are already among the BLP partners.


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