bb-net visits PC specialist

Bb Net Synaxon partnership

At the end of April Synaxon invited to the PC specialist management conference at its headquarters in Schloss Holte. This year bb-net was also on board as a sponsor and informed interested conference participants about the topic of tecXL and processed hardware.

Under the flag of PC-Spezialist, small and medium-sized companies all over Germany offer a variety of repair and IT services at a fixed price. The management conference offered the participants the opportunity for mutual exchange, specialist lectures and workshops based on the bar camp principle.

We are pleased that the reprocessed hardware from tecXL was received with great interest and generally very positively by many people present. Sales managers Marco Kuhn and Matthias Ress from Marketing were on site both days and had many interesting discussions. At the joint evening event in downtown Bielefeld, some topics relating to notebooks and PCs in the second life cycle were further deepened and new contacts were made.

We thank the participants and organizers for the successful conference and look forward to further cooperation.