bb-net doubles guarantee

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From 2020 customers of bb-net media GmbH will benefit from an extended guarantee. Germany's largest IT processor from Schweinfurt in Franconia doubles this for all tecXL devices to 2 years.

Warranty periods are very popular with retailers. Anyone who buys a refurbished device wants to rightly expect a flawless product. Resellers and customers want to be sure that they will receive a fault-free product with refurbished devices and that, in the event of a problem, defective devices can be complained about quickly and easily.

Better processes give tecXL customers higher quality

By building the new company headquarters, bb-net was able to create new processes as well as optimize old ones and thus improve the quality of the processing. The processor is convinced of its quality, so that he has increased the warranty conditions for all tecXL devices for the benefit of the customer from 12 to 24 months. Nevertheless: Even the business devices of the most renowned manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HP or Fujitsu occasionally get material or production errors. Optimally controlled processes and high quality management ensure that bb-net handles warranty claims effectively.

May it be a little bit more?

In addition to the existing 24 months, bb-net enables the guarantee to be extended to a total of 36 months. Directly after ordering or up to six months after the invoice date, customers have the option of booking the upgrade for a small additional charge. Here, too, bb-net would like to clarify the quality of its reprocessed devices and serve the individual needs of customers.

Guarantee can be booked retrospectively

What happens to the devices that were bought last year? Here, too, bb-net has found a solution for all affected customers. The warranty for tecXL devices that were purchased between August and December 2019 can be easily doubled from 31.03.2020 to 14,90 months in the customer menu of the online shop by March 12, 24 with an additional surcharge of € XNUMX.

USED-IT devices now come with a three-month guarantee

In addition to the brand label, bb-net also carries so-called USED-IT articles. These devices are usually packed in brown boxes and do not contain any software. Nevertheless, they are subject to the same optical and technical production steps as the quality product tecXL. From 2020 customers can look forward to an increase to three months. There is also an option for expansion options to extend the warranty to up to 36 months.

Via bb-net media and tecXL

bb-net has been a partner for the purchase of used IT and its quality-oriented processing and marketing for more than 20 years. Refurbished devices that meet strict quality requirements are brought back onto the market under the “tecXL - technology like new” brand. The end customer receives a completely tested, refurbished product for a price up to 70 percent below the previous new price. The device is pre-installed with Windows 10 and is therefore ready to go. The tecXL devices can be used immediately without further installation or preparation. There is a 24-month guarantee for every tecXL system.  and


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