bb-net cooperates with value guarantee

Cooperation with Wertgarantie AG

October 13, 2016 | Schweinfurt

The Schweinfurt IT refurbisher bb-net works with Wertgarantie AG to offer customers additional protection for their electronic devices. The processor gives a 12-24 month warranty on notebooks and computers sold under the tecXL private label. The company recommends the full protection of the warranty provider to all users who want additional all-round protection for their device. Dealers can register as partners with value guarantee and generate additional sales through the commission model.

Reconditioned hardware has increasingly established itself as an alternative to a new purchase for private and commercial consumers in recent years. For many, a decisive criterion when making a purchase is the security of being able to contact the seller in the event of a problem. While these worries are taken away with new goods by a manufacturer's guarantee, doubts often resonate with used devices. Professionally prepared notebooks and PC systems, most of which come from the manufacturers' high-quality business segments, rarely do justice to this prejudice. In order to underline the quality of the hardware and its own processing processes, the new user generally receives a 12-24 month warranty on all tecXL systems.

For all customers who want more comprehensive or longer protection for their device, bb-net has now started a cooperation with the guarantee provider value guarantee. The full protection of the value guarantee covers much more than just production and material defects. In addition to moisture damage and overvoltage, the package also includes fall damage, the dreaded display breakage and even battery defects. For a monthly fee based on the value of the device, additional insurance can be taken out without a time limit.

A separate insert in the product packaging and a note in the tecXL manual inform buyers of the full protection of the value guarantee. It also says on the end customer website a configurator is available, which can be used to determine the specific costs for your own device quickly and without obligation.

TecXL specialist dealers can also benefit from the cooperation between the two companies. By registering as a partner with Value Guarantee and supporting your customers in concluding a full protection contract, additional income can be generated through a commission model.

Via bb-net media and tecXL

bb-net has been a partner for the purchase of used IT, its quality-oriented processing and remarketing for more than 20 years. Refurbished devices that meet strict quality requirements are brought back onto the market under the “tecXL – Technik wie neu” brand. The end customer receives a completely tested, refurbished product - for a price that is sometimes up to 70 percent below the new price. The device is ready to go and can be used immediately without installation or preparation. There is a 12-month warranty for every tecXL system. and


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