Future dealer 2021

Twelve applicants - one new title holder: on the opening day of the Mainfranken Fair 2021, bb-net media GmbH was recognized as the overall winner of the “Future Dealer Mainfranken” competition. The expert jury for the IHK tender awarded bb-net as the most innovative applicant this year due to its special corporate concept.

IT refurbishing and remarketing is still a largely unknown topic for many companies - that is why we are of course particularly pleased about more media interest and attention in the region. Because the idea of ​​bb-net is as simple as it is ingenious: "Give us your old IT - and 99% of us will give it a new life!" Business inventory, the used devices are mostly still in very good condition and - after secure data deletion - can be reused as 1-A or 1-B goods through refurbishing. Only these first-class hardware components are then given the label of the tecXL brand, which can be obtained from specialist retailers or the bb-net online shop. Many companies, institutions and authorities can easily, securely, sustainably and economically bring their aging IT to a second life cycle or use the new Microsoft operating system "refueled" instead of storing the devices unused in the basement. The bb-net team is of course also responsible for the professional disposal of components that can no longer be repaired. Managing Director Michael Bleicher, one of the pioneers in IT refurbishing for 25 years, repeatedly encourages companies to aggressively tackle the issue of old IT recycling and thus not only protect the environment, but also their own IT budget, because the tecXL Devices are significantly cheaper than new goods and in some cases are even better processed. He says: "It is actually not a question of whether, but when each company uses this innovative form of circular economy for itself."

The application video from bb-net on YouTube look at.