We are a proud member of the BNW

bb-net is a proud member of the BNW
“Sustainable management should not be placed in the hands of trendsetters and marketing strategists just to increase profits with empty promises. It is an attitude towards society and the economy of honest, ambitious long-distance runners. That is why we are a proud new member of the BNW," sEntrepreneur Michael Bleicherwho with his Statement a clear sign puts. 

Es is now at the Time to act, because climate change can be otherwise do not stop 

The BNW is setting itself up under the motto “Let's CREATE VALUE together” as an ecologically oriented company association across industries on behalf of its member companies for an ambitious environment and sustainable economyftpolitics a"More together vchange, because climate change can only be stopped together," so Michael Bleacher  and hopes with his membership in the BNW as a good example advanceugehen.  Each The Company should operate sustainablyn. Because jEvery small contribution to climate protection is important.  

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