bb-net is a member of the "Wirtschaft Pro Klima" initiative

bb-net supports the business initiative “Economy for Climate” launched by BAUM. The initiative offers a platform for companies that work under a common credo for climate protection and climate neutrality.

Extreme weather events such as storms, heat waves, droughts, heavy rain and crop failures: dhe climate change is in full swing and is now also clearly noticeable for companiesIn order to counteract further serious impairments of the ecosystems and thus the basis and quality of life for all of us, the global temperature increase must be limited.  

bb-net is aware of its responsibility. Each year sets Managing Director Michael Bleicher new Environmental zmany for the IT-Remarketing CompanyTo that committed er itself in many initiatives and associations on the subject of environmental and climate protection. The paperless company recently became a member of the “Economy for Climate” initiative.   

“We are committed to climate protection and Climate neutrality and take responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions! " - that's the statement of the initiative and that's exactly why it feels Michael Bleicher so associated with economy pro climate. The Expert in circular IT is sure: “We have to stop climate change, therefore should nsustainable management out of the hands of trendsetters and marketing strategistsn are laid just to increase profit with empty promises. Our earth needs usreal commitment. 

More about our environmental commitment on our Environmental side.

You can find out more about the “Business for Climate” business initiative here .

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