bb-net is a Blancco Silver ITAD partner

The Schweinfurt IT refurbisher bb-net achieves the Blancco ITAD Silver Partner status through a large number of data deletion licenses and thus underlines the high level of data security of the company.

2,5 billion gigabytes of data are generated every day. In view of these high volumes, secure data erasure and storage media cleanup play a greater role than ever before. As a certified data erasure company, bb-net is subject to strict security guidelines and must take comprehensive measures to protect sensitive data. For a complete, efficient and irrevocable deletion of data on technical data carriers, bb-net draws on the 20 years of professional experience of the Blancco Technology Group. The software-based data deletion from Blancco serves the Schweinfurt-based company as an additional level of security for the mechanical destruction of data media. As a Blancco ITAD Silver Partner, bb-net can now fall back on far more resources, information and the latest technologies.

The Blancco Technology Group
Founded in 1997 in the USA with more than 265 employees worldwide, the company is the leading provider of data erasure software and solutions for mobile device diagnostics. Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by more than 15 government agencies and leading testing organizations worldwide. No other data erasure software offers such comprehensive compliance with the strict regulations and requirements of authorities and test centers.

Use software solutions intelligently - 3-stage concept
A complete security and software concept is part of a sensible data deletion. Because data deletion is not the same as data deletion. For this area, bb-net developed an approach that is almost unique in the industry: a three-stage deletion security concept, with data recognition software called "SAM" that was specially developed in the company. The mature concept includes the following stages: recognition of data, deletion of data and destruction of data carriers.

The company's own software SAM takes on the first stage and controls all ongoing processes. From the time of the network connection - without human intervention, all devices are guided fully electronically by the innovative software through every step of all processing areas, from incoming goods to final production. All data and media are recognized and logged fully electronically and automatically, and employees are instructed in accordance with LEAN.

Level 2 - Use of Blancco
In the second stage of the deletion concept, the data deletion software from Blancco is used. With Blancco Drive Eraser, sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs is deleted securely, irrevocably and in the shortest possible time. A comprehensive deletion certificate is automatically created after each deletion process. Each deletion report contains detailed information that is required by standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, GLBA, PCI DSS and many more. All activities are logged, which ensures complete transparency and complete security before and during an audit.

Level 3 - Destruction of data carriers
If a data carrier is defective, data cannot be deleted. For these cases bb-net developed the third stage of its deletion security concept: destruction of data carriers. The only way to destroy defective data carriers in accordance with the highest security standards is through a certified DIN 66399-2, ISO 21964-2 media shredder. The technology center built by bb-net in 2018 in the Schweinfurt Main Valley has a media shredder and destroys data carriers such as Hard disks, according to DIN 66399-2 H5. SSD, smartphone and tablet according to DIN 66399-2 E4 and tape drives and media cards according to DIN 66399-2 T5.


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