Partnership with Intenso

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Partnership with Intenso

February 26, 2015 | Schweinfurt

Bb-net media GmbH from Schweinfurt and Intenso GmbH from Vechta, one of the leading companies in the field of storage media, are starting an exciting strategic partnership in the first quarter of 2015.

In this way, bb-net is strengthening its offer as a special distributor and expanding its portfolio with selected Intenso products from the fields of USB sticks, hard drives, SSDs, memory cards and accessories. The articles are available for all B2B customers in the online shop and are available to tecXL partner stores to expand the range. The quality brand tecXL also benefits from the cooperation between the two companies. The reconditioned devices from the orange box are equipped with high-quality Intenso storage media in an SSD configuration.

Founder and managing director of bb-net media, Michael Bleicher is pleased about the partnership with Intenso. "For us, the cooperation means a further increase in product quality in the remanufacturing process and a small milestone on the way to becoming a value-added specialist distributor", says Bleicher.

Background information on "tecXL - technology like new"

Only used devices from the business lines of well-known manufacturers such as Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell and HP can be used as the starting material for the tecXL brand. These PCs and notebooks are designed to be more durable and robust than end-user systems. They are also easier to upgrade and expand. The used goods bought from companies, authorities and leasing companies are processed at bb-net in a quality-assured process. All tecXL PCs, notebooks and tablets are supplied with the original Windows7 operating system installed and all the necessary drivers. Thanks to an authorized partnership between bb-net and the software giant Microsoft, this is flawless in terms of licensing. Bb-net gives a one-year warranty on tecXL goods - and the price is up to 70 percent below that of comparable new goods.


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