bb-net enables Christmas 2 Go


For many, Christmas time is the best time of the year. It smells of cookies, roasted almonds - you treat yourself to a cup or two of mulled wine.

Bb-net is also caught up in Christmas fever every year. The company Christmas party is a fixed and joyful part of the year. The big get-together often takes place under mottos that are a little atypical for Christmas, such as Greek Christmas, and welds the entire team closer together for the end of the year and gets in the mood for a happy end of the year.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic stops at nothing - not even at traditions. Thus, in addition to all the other festivities, the joint Christmas party is now also canceled. Even if the entire team can understand the decision, the disappointment is great.

In order to make all employees happy, bb-net managing director Michael Bleicher organized a small, corona-compliant Wei (h) nachten2Go meeting. Sonja Bleicher, authorized signatory at bb-net and wife of Michael Bleicher, as well as the two children - Max and Felix - signed up as Christmas helpers and packed a Christmas bag with lots of goodies to take away for each of the 65 employees.

Michael also used the short meeting to express his great praise and thanks to the team. In this very special year it became clear again how strong the cohesion among each other is and that first and foremost, being with and for one another is very important at bb-net.

In return, the bb-net family also took the opportunity and presented the Bleicher family with a small gift for Christmas as a thank you.

Here is a little insight: