bb-net listed on emendo

bb-net listed on emendo

May 28, 2015 | Schweinfurt

With the Schweinfurt-based company bb-net media GmbH, emendo Kooperationsmanagement GmbH & Co. KG from Kirchlengern in East Westphalia has expanded its supplier portfolio to include a strong partner in IT reprocessing. Emendo is thus adding the quality brand "tecXL - technology like new" to its range. In return, bb-net benefits from the strong emendo specialist retail network.

In April, both sides signed the supplier contract, which forms the basis for future cooperation. The cooperation now enables joint marketing and the emendo range is sensibly supplemented by devices in the second life cycle. Marco Kuhn, sales manager of bb-net media GmbH, is happy about the connection - "In this way we can bring our products and the tecXL brand closer to the network partners."

The specialist retail-oriented range of bb-net with reconditioned PCs, notebooks, TFTs as well as smartphones and tablets is rounded off by selected accessories and suitable POS materials. With the start of the strategic partnership, the more than 230 members of the specialist trade network have direct access to the retail items packed in a sales-optimized manner via an interface. These are transmitted in real time to the emendo trade community (short: etc) purchasing tool and, if you order before 14 p.m., they are usually sent on the same day.

Like some other suppliers, bb-net has opted for the “fair play strategy” model, which ensures a uniform contract structure as well as an attractive bonus system for participating emendo partners. This “fair play strategy” clearly places the emendo partner in the foreground: this way, they receive a high level of transparency about the goals and requirements of the other market participants and can align themselves accordingly; he also receives an attractive reimbursement. But the system is also worthwhile for bb-net. The company can use the emendo system to improve its electronic ordering processes, reward loyal customers or specifically acquire new customers. With targeted marketing measures, important product groups can also be boosted.

The owner-operated bb-net media GmbH is one of the few Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers and is one of the strongest reconditioners in Germany. As a producer and specialist distributor, the company, with almost 50 employees, serves around 5000 specialist dealers and commercial end customers. "With our own brand" tecXL - technology like new "and the distribution of selected accessories, we can not only enrich the emendo range in a meaningful way, but also reach even more specialist dealers," says Michael Bleicher, founder and managing director of bb-net media GmbH .

Background information on "tecXL - technology like new"

Only used devices from the business lines of renowned manufacturers such as Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell and HP can be used as the starting material for the tecXL brand. These PCs and notebooks are designed to be more durable and robust than end-user systems. They are also easier to upgrade and expand. Since the beginning of 2015, Apple smartphones and tablets have also been processed under the tecXL brand. The used goods bought from companies, authorities and leasing companies are processed at bb-net in a quality-assured process. All tecXL PCs, notebooks and tablets are supplied with the original Windows7 operating system installed and all the necessary drivers. Thanks to an authorized partnership between bb-net and the software giant Microsoft, this is flawless under license law. Bb-net gives a one-year warranty on tecXL goods - and the price is up to 70 percent lower than comparable new goods.


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