bb-net receives Schweinfurter Energie-Spar-Preis 2019

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Schweinfurt, April 2021. IT preparer bb-net convinces with energy saving measures and wins first place in the energy saving price of the city of Schweinfurt.

The daily business of the Lower Franconian IT processor bb-net makes a significant contribution to protecting, relieving and protecting our environment and our climate in the long term. Making used company hardware operational again through modern processes and techniques and bringing it back to the market leads to a reduction in the growing mountain of electronic scrap and is the most sustainable way of dealing with discarded devices.

For the IT specialist from Schweinfurt, it is also a real affair of the heart to go beyond the known horizons, to work for the climate and the environment and to act responsibly and sustainably in all areas. The Refurbisher has now also received an award from the city of Schweinfurt for its commitment. In the municipal competition “Energie-Spar-Preis 2019” bb-net achieved first place and secured a prize of € 1.000.


Schweinfurt Energy Saving Prize

Industry, transport, agriculture and households are among the largest groups responsible for man-made air pollution. However, the sense of responsibility for the environment and the climate leaves much to be desired in many areas. The city of Schweinfurt is considered the most important industrial city in Northern Bavaria and faces the challenge of harmonizing industry and the environment. More commitment to more climate protection in Schweinfurt is the motto under which the Energie-Spar-Preis was launched in 2018. The city's goal is to achieve a reduction in CO² emissions in the city area of ​​at least 2030% by 20. With the prize and the prize money of up to € 1.000, the municipality would like to create incentives and motivation for citizens, as well as small and medium-sized companies, to tackle the environmental task of saving energy and reducing CO² emissions participate. At the end of the day, the award will be given to those whose energy-saving measures are particularly successful.


Sustainability as part of the company's DNA

Despite the pandemic, 2020 held many positive events in store for IT refurbishers bb-net. At the beginning of last year, the company was certified as the first German climate-neutral IT processor and is also a prize winner in the “Office and Environment” competition, which is organized by the Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management eV, or BAUM eV for short. The idea of ​​sustainability runs like a red thread through all areas of the company. Through constant review and optimization, all processes in the Schweinfurt Technology Center are becoming greener and more environmentally friendly. Also and especially with new projects, the refurbisher always pays attention to the possible environmental impact and does not shy away from any additional costs that make new products or services more sustainable. The balancing act to act economically and at the same time sustainably is not a sprint for the IT expert, but a never-ending marathon.


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