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copagent software and services

Procuring products across multiple systems is time consuming and inefficient. So why not combine all information in one software solution? This is the question Arndt Villwock, founder of cop Software + Services from Vaihingen an der Enz, asked himself. In 2004, together with his team, he developed a centralized interface for an overview and easier product procurement.

The software solution "cop agent" enables suppliers to present their complete product portfolio on the one hand, and on the other hand to offer buyers a better overview of the market, since products no longer have to be procured via multiple systems, but centrally via an interface.

It is now possible for 1500 customers to access a large product library with detailed product data from over 150 suppliers and to order directly. We have also been a supplier as a supplier since January 2019. Customers can now purchase all of our tecXL products via the interface.

We look forward to cooperation.